Sunflower, Gerbera & Daisies


Simple off wire flowers

1. Colour flower paste in different shades. Starting with the large cutters, cut out different size and shape flowers in colours and white.

2. Assemble the flowers laying different sizes and colours over each other and sticking together with glue. Place all flowers together and spray with pearl lustre.


Wired flowers

1. To make the sunflower/gerbera bind together four x 24g green wires with nile green florist tape except for about 1cm at the top. Fold these outwards to form a cross. Press a small ball of melon colour paste into the centre of the 14 petal cutter to make a round centre. Remove from the cutter and using the comb tool, pull out the sides of the paste to give a rough textured edge to the round of paste. Turn the centre over and dip the cross section of wires into edible glue and insert into the back of the paste. Leave to set completely.

2. Cut out two rounds of daisy petals in white paste. Use the craft knife to cut out small ‘V’ shapes from the end of some of the petals. With a bone tool gently smooth around the edges. Turn the flower over and run the tool along each petal from the tip towards the centre of the flower taking care not to press out the veining. Turn the flower over to the right side and paint the middle with the edible glue. Pass the prepared centre through the middle of the daisy and press in place. Follow the same procedure with the second layer of petals. Support the petals until dry.

3. For the centre mix some primrose powder colour into a small amount of semolina to represent the pollen. Brush the outer edges of the centre with egg yellow powder then paint with edible glue and sprinkle on the “pollen”. Dust a few of the outer petal tips very sparingly with burgundy powder colour.

4. Roll out green flowerpaste very thinly and cut out with the large 35mm daisy cutter. Use a craft knife to divide each petal in half. With a frill stick carefully roll each section sideways to widen. Paint over with the glue and attach to the back of the daisy. Finish with a small ball of green paste attached to the base of the flower, pinch with tweezers to roughen the surface and give a more realistic look.

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