PME Plastic Hollow Pillars – DR125 / DR126 / DR006 / DR007


When creating any multi-tiered cake it is essential to consider the engineering as well as the presentation. Although not usually visible most cakes will require additional support e.g. dowel rods, hidden or hollow pillars to obtain the effect required. Cakes stacked without support will most likely sag or collapse. Cake pillars and dowel rods should be positioned evenly and it is advisable to prepare a pattern to ensure the correct layout. The number required may vary according to the cake shape and size. These Hollow Pillars are perfect for putting in between pillared cakes or used to support stacked cakes. They can be cut down to size easily and the diameter of the top fits support plates perfectly. Available in white and easy visible blue, they come in two sizes 317mm (12.5″) with a diameter of 20mm (0.8″) and 152mm (6″) with a diameter of 25mm (0.9″).

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