1. Double over a fine white stamen, hook with a 26g wire. Cut off the tips and bend the stamens into ‘bunny ears’. Tape with florist tape.

2. Cut out three layers of flowerpaste. With a little cornflour on the board, use a frilling tool to frill each section until all the little cuts have merged.

3. Insert the prepared wire through the centre of the layer and paint edible glue onto the solid part of the petal. Fold the petal in half to let the frills meet (A). Put a little glue on the right-hand side of the petal and fold this over and up (B). Turn the petal over and glue the left-hand side of the petal and, again fold this over and up (C). Squeeze at the base to form the first layer.

4. Frill the second layer as before, glue, then thread the wire through the centre and place it behind the first petal. Squeeze a little from the base to achieve a nice circle of frills (D). Repeat this with the third layer and let some of the paste run down the wire (E).

5. Calyx – cut out a little blossom and glue this to the back of the flower.

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